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Le geste d’Or Grand Prix prize-winning ceremony

by  Le Geste d’Or

This annual Grand Prix concerns contracting teams, project management teams and companies from throughout all French territories. All built heritage projects can apply. Le Geste d’Or pays particular attention to adopting the right technical skill whilst integrating sustainable materials (including eco-friendly solutions), people management (builders and users) and balanced financial engineering. Its aim is to bring exemplary development sites to the attention of all. Prizes, Grand Prix and Labels are awarded to development sites in their entirety, to specific trades, landscapes and professional categories. The awarded Grand Prix are as follows:
– Grand Prix for Facades
– Grand Prix for Landscape and Urban Development
– Grand Prix for Development Sites
– Grand Prix for Users
– Grand Prix for Eco-construction
– Grand Prix for Project Management
– Grand Prix for Contracting
– Grand Prix for Companies
– Grand Prix for Management
– Grand Prix “Pôle Concept”

Practical information :

salle Events Area, Gabriel Hall time from 6 to 7.30pm